What is LAP BAND® Surgery?


Orbera® Intra-gastric Balloon


EndoBarrier Device Therapy


Post Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Program



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Post Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Progr…

Reclaim Your Life Today! Tasmania Anti-Obesity Surgery Centre and the Bellerive Quay Health Hub...

Gastric Banding pays for itself

Excess weight, in particular obesity, is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease...

Am I a Candidate?

LAP-BAND® Procedure is not for everyone. Whilst it can produce excellent weight loss results...

What are the Obesity Treatments?

How can obesity be treated? Expert opinion: There is no single effective treatment for...

Obesity in Australia

Over 60% of Australian adults are either overweight or obese. The Australian Bureau of...

EndoBarrier Device Therapy

EndoBarrier Therapy uses cutting-edge technology and world-class innovation to change the way that...

Obesity is a Disease

Obesity is a serious health condition and losing weight can greatly improve your...

Orbera® Intra-gastric Balloon

Dr Stephen Wilkinson also uses the Orbera® Intra-gastric Balloon weight management system. This system...


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